When Pierce Meats Kalli Grace

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Kalli Grace
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Kalli Grace has not met a cock she doesnt like. She wouldnt call herself a size queen but hey, a nice big hard cock hits the spots that some smaller ones miss. Shes seen Pierces cock in photos but not in person, so she was excited to get a hold of it, and when she did, she was surprised by its girth as much as its length... and took all of two seconds to have it in her mouth, and giving it the world famous, Kalli Grace Suckathon. Pierce loves to eat out her ass, getting her open and wet, and ready so when he finally nudges the end of his cock, against her pink hole, shes can take his cock as he slides it in an inch of so at a time, and waits for her nod to push further. Kallis eyes widen, she bites her bottom lip, she loves it but its stretching her to the max. Has she finally met more than she can handle! Not likely, shes just taking her time and savoring every moment.

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