A Very Naughty Girl

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Sadie Sunstone
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Sadie Sunstone knows that if shes naughty, then shes going to get her ass spanked or belted... and she loves that... so shes going to be naughty. Steve comes home to find shes eaten his left-over pizza and shes left the toilet seat down instead of putting it back into the upright position. He knows. She knows. So over the knee she goes. The whack of the belt on her smooth ass gives a satisfying smack and the heat strings and gets her excited. Steve is getting excited also, and now to the next part of her punishment, giving Steve her A-rated oral sex until hes hard and ready to explode. Have I been a good girl now!, Sadie asks as she sticks her ass high in the air while looking over her shoulder with that cheeky grin on her face, and waiting for her reward of a thick penetration followed by a mind-blowing fuck.

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